Drapery Linings

Sateen Drapery LiningOur standard light diffusing lining is a tightly woven 100% cotton sateen offered in a pale ivory color. We feel it offers good light control, is highly durable, repels moisture, and acts well as a protective barrier for your curtains. This lining is included in the price of all our custom curtains.

blackout drapery liningYou can also choose to upgrade to our blackout lining which goes one step further with superior light control and insulating properties.  This is a high quality complete room darkening lining.  It is also offered in a pale ivory color and has a soft feel (this is a high end blackout lining with the feel of fabric, not plastic).  We have a number clients who work nights and must sleep during the day, and they all love this lining option.  This is also a great option for media and theater rooms or anywhere that is in need of increased light control. 

flannel drapery interliningYou can also choose to add flannel interlining to your drapery panels.  This layer of 100% cotton flannel is placed between your drapery fabric and your drapery lining.  It offers greater insulation and sound control.  It also adds a softer, more luxurious look to light to medium weight fabrics and helps with the drape of the panel.