Measuring for Drapery

Hanging Rods & Measuring for Drapery Length

Drapery Length Rod HeightThe beauty of custom drapery is that you can order your drapery in any length you want.  If you have no drapery hardware in place, you will first need to decide where to hang your rods.  We always recommend that you hang your rod several inches above your window frame.  Generally, the higher you hang your rod, the taller your windows and ceilings will appear.


You will next need to decide what drapery heading style you will be choosing.
For rod pocket curtains, you will measure from the top of the rod (where the curtain rests on the rod) to the floor.


For pleated curtains, you will need to measure from the bottom of the ring (where the drapery hook will slide through the curtain ring) to the floor.




We usually recommend your drapery be at lease floor length.  If you would like your curtains to break on the floor (aka "trouser length"), then add 2 inches to your length.  If you would like your curtains to puddle on the floor, then add 6+ inches to your length.