Yardage Requirements

The custom drapery made in our workroom all have double folded top, bottom, and side hems.  To figure out how many yards of fabric you will need to purchase for your drapery order, you can follow these guidelines.

For solid fabrics, vertical stripes, or prints that do not need to be pattern matched:

Desired drapery length + 16 inches divided by 36 = yardage required per drapery width

Example: you want your drapery to be 108 inches in length

108 + 16 = 124 divided by 36 = 3.44 (so you would need 3.5 yards of fabric per drapery width)

So for a pair of 108 inch drapery panels, you would need 7 yards.

Questions?  Feel free to email us anytime to inquire about yardage requirements.

 Pattern Matching:

Pattern Match Drapery

The drapery panels above are pattern matched - the same pattern repeat is found at the same height on each panel.  If you are using a print fabric, and you would like your drapery to have a pattern match, you will need to order additional yardage.  This additional yardage is dependent on the vertical repeat of the fabric.  For each drapery panel (after the first panel), you will need to add one vertical repeat of fabric to make sure the pattern can match across the panels.

Repeats and yardage can be confusing, but we are happy to help.  Email us with your patterned fabric choice (with vertical repeat), and we will forward you your yardage requirements.